Surface tension experiment

The goal of my experiment was to make an object that would fall the slowest down from the balcony to the floor. For this project I selected a toothpick, string and  aluminum  foil. I chose these objects because the toothpick is light, the string provided balance and the aluminum foil has a lots of surface area.
I designed my project to fall slow. How did I do this? First I cut a piece of aluminum foil,then I measured the sides to mark where the center was. I did this to crease the sides.  Creasing the sides would make this look like the top of an umbrella.   I glued the toothpick to the bottom to look like the stick to an umbrella.  I went on to my bed and dropped my project to see how slow this object would fall. My first attempt at this project did not do as well. I misunderstood, but it is now cleared up.The changes I made from my original project to my new project are,  my original project had no surface area and it was not as light. I made these changes so that my object would fall slower.  Also after several test attempts at home my newer better object would twist upside down so I have reinforced it with Popsicle sticks so that it would stay upright and hopefully fall slowest to the ground.  After several tests again the object still flipped over so we had to start over once again, this time using a string to counter balance  the object and keep it upright.  After several attempts the project did not flip over and fell slow to the ground.

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