Sarah Michelle Gellar is back!!

Finally Sarah Michelle Gellar is back!!

And she still knows how to die in style!

In her new CW series, “Ringer,” Gellar plays Bridget, a haunted young woman with a history of addiction. She also plays her own twin, Siobhan, a NYC socialite, with secrets. Set in a tense, stylish version of Manhattan, the show has the look of another CW favorite, “Gossip Girl,” if Gossip Girl had more guns and less shoes.

The show kicks off when Bridget runs away from her life to see Siobhan for the first time in five years… and then Siobhan appears to off herself by jumping in the ocean while Bridget’s asleep on the boat. Naturally, there’s nothing to do but for Bridget to assume Siobhan’s identity.

With a show like this, it’s less about how many questions are raised than about how many of those questions you actually want to know the answer to. “Ringer” raises about a thousand questions, and luckily, most of them are interesting.

Continue watching ringer on the CW Tuesdays at 9

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