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House Of Night by: P.C Cast

The vampire series were fate and friendship desire and deception, come out after dark….

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Sugar Crystal Experiment

On A Wednesday afternoon at 1:21pm I began boiling water to begin my.  On the following day I observed that tiny crystals began to form within the plastic cup along the string with the paper clip in the center of … Continue reading

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Manganese ‘it’s a metal’

Number of protons 25, atomic structure, steel, ceramic, batteries, silver, gray, discovered in 1774 by Johann Gahn, comes from the Latin word Mangnes meaning magnet

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Surface tension experiment

The goal of my experiment was to make an object that would fall the slowest down from the balcony to the floor. For this project I selected a toothpick, string and  aluminum  foil. I chose these objects because the toothpick … Continue reading

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Thunder Safety | Projects

40% of all deaths due to lighting occur outside! Seek shelter such as a building or a car Go to a low place such as  a riven or valley Do not stand near or under trees Do not lie Flat … Continue reading

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Sarah Lockwood Pardee (“Mrs. Winchester”) was born in Connecticut in September 1839, and she married William Wirt Winchester in New Haven, Connecticut on September 30, 1862. In July 1866, Sarah and William had a daughter that they named Annie. Shortly … Continue reading

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Time of the Witches by: Anna Myers

When the Salem witch trails begin, Drucilla finds herself one of the accusers. But when her best friend Gabe is accused, she must find a way to end the hysteria… or risk losing him forever!

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Sapphique by: Catherine Fisher

Incarceron is a prison so big it has metal cities and metal forests inside. Only two people have ever escaped one is Finn. But the prison is alive, and it wants Finn back!!

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Spike suddenly comes to his senses in season 5 and realizes he is in love with Buffy.

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angel and buffy

okay i know that buffy was a long time ago but i still dont understand how in the end it couldnt be happily eva afta for angel cakes and B???

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